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“The Messier Ojects Handbook” by Teoh Hui Chiech 31 Disember 2009

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Aku nak promote satu buku “The Messier Ojects Handbook” by Teoh Hui Chiech, Stargazer Scientific Sdn Bhd… aku beli buku ni masa beli telescope.. buku ni diterbitkan di Malaysia.. listed price RM10, harga lepas diskaun.. rahsia… hheher… dlm buku ni ada guideline utk semua Messier object yg disusun pelbagai cara supaya senang kita cari seperti susunan object mengikut constellation. Kat bawah ni ader sedikit info yg aku summarize dari buku tersebut:

Ringkasan jenis object dlm Messier Catalogue [1]

1. Star Clusters

  • Globular Cluster
    – thousands/million old star gravitationaly bound together (12-20 billion years)
    – most concentrated “around” galactic center at Sagittarius-Scorpius-Ophiuchus region
    – dwarf galaxy -> stripped during closed encounter with bigger galaxy
  • Open Cluster
    – dozen/thousands loosely but physically related star gravitationally bound together
    – not last very long (hundred million years) -> too close to galactic disk

2. Nebulae

  • Diffuse Nebula
    – clouds of interstellar matter (gas/dust)
    – generate Star formation -> open cluster
    – 3 types:
    – Emission nebulae – HII regions (ionized hydrogen)
    – Reflection nebulae – only reflect light -> nearby star not hot enough to ionized the clouds
    – Dark nebula – dense clouds of dust -> obscure light
  • Planetary Nebula
    – expending shell of gaseous of a dying star -> high energetic radition
    – expand quickly <50,000 year -> slowing disappearing
  • Supernova Remnant
    – remains of a giant star -> destroyed from massive explosion -> leaving behind neutron star or black hole

3. Galaxies

  • huge gathering of stars, dust and gas bound together by gravity
  • Spiral Galaxy (3 classes of arm tightness -> Sa, Sb, Sc) -> spiral arm = new star, halo = older star
  • Lecticular (S0) Galaxy -> spiral without arms
  • Elliptical Galaxy -> no arms, nearly round E0-E7
  • Irregular Galaxy

4. Others (Asterism, Double Star, Star Cloud)


[1] “The Messier Ojects Handbook” by Teoh Hui Chiech, Stargazer Scientific Sdn Bhd.