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Personal astronomy project 30 Disember 2009

Posted by azmirul in Astronomy.
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aku ingat satu hari nanti (yg tak tahu bila.. tapi aku still optimist heher) aku nak nak buat personal astronomy project macam aku punya sendiri camera/telescope modification atau buat sendiri dobsonian telescope…  nak tiru macam Steve Chambers dan John Dobson buat… ni samer jugak macam dlm programming, lagi banyak coding sendiri yg kita buat lagi banyak kita belajar berbanding kita download code library yg dah siap dan just guna..  tapi kalo case sekarang, lagi teruk sebab aku cuma menggunakan program yg dah siap… heher


John Lowry Dobson (born September 14, 1915) is a popularizer of amateur astronomy. His most notable for being the promoter of a design for large, portable, low-cost Newtonian reflecting telescopes that bares his name, the Dobsonian telescope.

Dobson co-founded the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers, an organization that aims to popularize astronomy among people on the street. It was also at this time that his simple form of telescope, which came to be known as the Dobsonian,  became well known.

Dobson authored the 1991 book How and Why to Make a User-Friendly Sidewalk Telescope (ISBN 0-913399-64-7) with editor Norman Sperling. This book helped popularize what came to be known as the Dobsonian mount, and treats the “why” as importantly as the “how”.