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Komet Hartley 2 6 Oktober 2010

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kemunculan komet Hartley 2 adalah antara astronomy event yg menarik bulan october ni… komet ini dikatakan boleh dilihat dengan binocular (dan mungkin mata kasar di kawasan gelap) terutamanya pada 20 Oct nanti.. berikut adalah more info berkenaan komet ni:

Gambar komet Hartley2 (kredit: wikipedia)

Gambar komet Hartley2 (kredit: wikipedia)

Comet 103P-Hartley add-on code utk program Stellarium:

Now is the time to search for Comet Hartley 2 with binoculars

Here Comes Comet Hartley 2!


Comet Hartley 2, officially designated 103P/Hartley, is a small periodic comet with an orbital period of 6.46 years.[1] It was discovered by Malcolm Hartley in 1986 at the Schmidt Telescope Unit in Siding Spring, Australia.[1] Its diameter is estimated to be 1.2[3] to 1.6 km.[1] It will be the subject of a flyby by the Deep Impact spacecraft on November 4, 2010, with a closest approach of 700 kilometers.[4] This is part of the EPOXI mission.

    2010 approach

The comet will pass within 0.12 AU of the Earth on October 20, 2010,[6] only eight days before coming to perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) on October 28, 2010.[1] During this passage, the comet may be visible to the naked eye at apparent magnitude 5,[7] in the constellation Auriga, near its open clusters, if an observer knows where to look and is viewing from a dark sky location. Binoculars should make it an easy target.

The comet passed near the position of NGC 281 in Cassiopeia on October 1. On the night of October 7 at New Moon, the comet is expected to pass near the Double Cluster in the sky and near the open cluster NGC 1528 by October 14, both in Perseus. By the end of the month the comet will be visible in the evening without interference from the Moon.[8]


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