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Sidewalk astronomy 29 Disember 2009

Posted by azmirul in Astronomy.

aku suka buat summary atas summary.. heher… ni info tentang “Sidewalk Astronomy” yg term dlm bahasa melayu tak pasti (astronomi jalanan kot).


Sidewalk or Street Corner Astronomy refers to the activity of setting up a telescope in an urban setting on a for profit or non-profit basis as an entertainment or for public education.

With the advent and growth of organized amateur astronomical groups, sidewalk astronomy has come to be associated with public education about astronomy via free public viewing for anyone who wishes to look through the telescope.

Organizations such as the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers, founded by John Dobson, are organized around the idea of educating people about the universe they live in by having them look through telescopes.

San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers


The Sidewalk Astronomers – Bringing astronomy to the public


The Sidewalk Astronomers is a California non-profit corporation with members throughout the world. Since 1968, when John Dobson and two of his students (Bruce Sams and Jeff Roloff) started the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers, our sole purpose for existence has been public service in astronomy. In 1976, our growing organiztion became known simply as “the Sidewalk Astronomers” although legally, the “San Francisco” remains.

p/s: mula2 confuse gak nak submit info pasal astronomy dlm blog diari atau blog yg lebih formal iaitu Minda Azmirul Ibnu Hamzah. .. tapi stakat ni aku letak kat sini sebab semua info ni still berkaitan dengan personal experience aku dlm mendalami bidang astronomy…  still ader personal touch.. sebab semua  info ni utk diri sendiri.. haha… mungkin bila aku ader info tentang astronomi yg aku raser relevant kpd public knowledge akan aku upgrade masuk dlm blog lagi satu…



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